arroz con leche~
toasted arborio rice, brown sugar &  creamy coconut milk. 

bohemia (BEST SELLER!)~
deep, a bit dark, with just the right amount of floral. just how we like it. floral notes of geranium, carnation & verbena. dry, green notes of petitgrain, herbaceous woods & dry foliage. finalized with earthly notes of olibanum & just enough of the spicy-sweet aroma of patchouli to add interest. this one has an aphrodisiac appeal to it, and sure to be adorned by both women and men alike. the patchouli & petitgrain notes are barely audible, and adds depth to this intriguing blend. plant-based fragrance blend. gender-neutral

dark matter~
opening notes of egyptian musk & tobacco. enter tonka bean & oakmoss. final curtain call of nag champa. its a dark matter. gender-neutral

warm. sensual. erotic. 
a sizzling interfusion of banana liqueuer, creamy vanilla & dark sugar with a feminine santalum as the fixative. 

warm, sweet cream & honeysuckle nectar

milk wasted (BEST SELLER!)~
a creamy, velvety-smooth concoction of fresh milk accord,  speckled by crushed tonka bean, dipped in santalum,  churned with vanilla cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. mmmm…got milk!?

santalum bosc~
roasted pear brandy, warm spices, vanilla bean & classic sandalwood. gender-neutral

tibetan black tea (BEST SELLER!)~
exotic, hypnotic & erotic is one way to describe this unique blend of dark warmth. brazilian pepper, vietnamese champak, birch resin and tropical woods make up this perfect rendition of ceylon chai. pure. strong. black. tea. if you are a lover of black tea, this fragrance is for you. many of you have requested an authentic, strong, dark tea without any added notes. well, here you go! strong enough for men, suitably adorned by women…

vamp (BEST SELLER!)~
an earthy and intoxicating blend of egyptian geranium,  lavender & black patchouli. this one keeps you coming back for just one more sniff. essential oil blend. gender-neutral

white light (NEW!)~

white amber and light patchouli, genger-neutral


almond biscotti~
almond accord and baked cookie dough, with an underlying creamy vanilla

a sweet & sticky mediterranean treat layered with rich pastry filled with chopped nuts, sprinkled with a spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove sweetened with caramelized sugar and melded together in delicious harmony with vanilla honey.

black brownie (BEST SELLER!)~
fudge brownie batter chock full of caramelized black figs & drizzled with black honey. gender-neutral

chocolate chip (BEST SELLER!)~
our sensuous chocolate city blend mixed with a delectable sugar cookie accord. 
a seductive, aphrodisiacal blend of dark chocolate & cocoa absolute, grounded by balsam & darkened with vetyver and santalum, with fresh-baked sugar cookie. absolutely divine! gender-neutral

cookies & crème (NEW/BEST SELLER!)-
s'mores, creamy white chocolate, fresh ocean air and luscious vanilla cream.

fortune cookie~
bakery accord & sweet vanillas. a true fortune cookie blend. 

lemon madeleine~
soft-baked french cakes, infused with lemon zest and sprinkled with vanilla confectionary dust. a splendid delight ideal for afternoon teatime. titch of earl grey? 

rum raisin~
chewy & warm. baked cookie accord, dark rum, spiced oatmeal & plump raisins with a sweet glaze drizzle.

speculoos (BEST SELLER!)~
the deliciously-cozy aroma of caramel, fresh ginger, cinnamon leaf and clove bud. gender-neutral

sugar cookie~
baked cookie accord & sugar crystals.


a clean compilation of white florals that will create an aura your of pure serenity. pikake flowers, lilium & plumeria, trailing behind night-blooming blossoms of tuberose & poet's jasmine, with notes of entrancing gardenia leading the way surrounded by lush island greenery.

a herbaceous & rustic selection of fresh herbs comprised of rosemary, thyme, sage and basil, touched by lavender & garden earth, ripe tomato and speckled with white & black peppers.

island grapefruit, exotic lime, mint sprigs and fleur de sel, all grounded by light & herbaceous fronds. like a salt-rimmed grapefruit julep on a private island resort. 

ultra violet~
a fragrant field of violets with whispering notes of white musk, kissed by white sandalwood. very beautiful and romantic all at once...

fresh mown grass, damp earth, parched sage, spicy black pepper, wild woods and bitter orange.


about last night ~
wild florals, fresh-cut rose & carnation bouquet, beeswax drippings from candlelight the night before and honeycomb & mandarin slices dipped in rich cocoa

chocolate city~
a seductive aphrodisiacal blend of dark chocolate & cocoa absolute,  grounded by balsa & darkened with vetyver and tantalum. absolutely divine, and perfectly gender-neutral. 

sloe whine~
a hypnotic, soul-stirring nightcap blended with creme de cassis, coffee bean, buttered rum, black cherry wine and vanilla bourbon. gender-neutral

tainted love~
delicate petals from moroccan roses, vanilla santal, burnished and aromatic nutmeg all socially inebriated by the finest rose cordial.


blowin' cotton~
cotton candy, sweet pea bubble gum & wind-blown cotton.

fancy pants~
hey fancy pants!  yes, you! struttin' around,  the talk of the town. fancier than all the rest, all decked out as the day's best. a ruby red, drizzled pear syrup, white santal sifts with a burnt sugar glaze.  oh, you're fancy,  huh!?

incandescent ember~
peach, indian santal, osmanthus and a tinge of deep incense smoke.

bright, fresh and very clean spa scent. fragrant notes of green bamboo, white grapefruit, lemongrass and sugarcane. this is kyoto.

summer breeze~
a heady essential oil blend of sensuous jasmine absolute, vanilla bean absolute, vetiver, neroli & petitgrain. "summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind"...

where my beaches at~
sunshine, cotton bikinis, ocean air, fresh coconut powder, drift woods, island fruits, mediterranean fig, bergamot & white musk. what more could a beach want!?

a very clean compilation of wind-blown cotton, elegant iris blooms, a citrus effleurage of lime & bergamot, balsamic amber, spring water, with a faint whisper of vanilla and musky green moss. 


crypt keeper (BEST SELLER!)~
a boozy cider cocktail brewed with golden apricots & summer pears, infused with creme de cassis and cast aside in oak crypts to age to perfection. gender-neutral

down the pumpkin path (BEST SELLER!)~
pumpkin seeds from white pumpkins,  infused with vanilla, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, in a potpourri of autumn florals, dried hay bales and cedar woods. gender-neutral

goofballs (BEST SELLER!)~
fluffy pillows of gourmet marshmallows toasted over an open fire, poured over popcorn puffs smothered in rich butter, drizzled with creamy caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. ayumm!

pumpkinhead (BEST SELLER!)~
a fragrant, spicy pumpkin concoction comprised of fresh pumpkin, a winter squash medley, maple rum & creamy vanilla milk, sprinkled generously with a heady mixture of nutmeg, grated cinnamon sticks, cardamom, cassia and caramelized sugar. 

sugar pumpkin chai (BEST SELLER!)~
this fragrance is absolutely intoxicating! masala spice intertwined with new ginger root, green cardamom, grounded cinnamon, mashed with brown sugar pumpkin flesh, pumpkin flower, keemum tea accord, sprinkled with black pepper and agarwood & melded in a perfect marriage with jaggery. a warm & cozy concoction of fresh pumpkin and milk-laden black chai tea! have a cup?

the crooked man (NEW!)~

"there once was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile. he found a crooked sixpence, against a crooked stile. now the story’s not yet over, for this tale is mythed and old,
go hide under the cover…there’s something not yet told." an ancient blend of patchouli, citrus, hinoki wood, dark spices, vanilla musk, eucalyptus & cocoa.

masculinely gender-neutral

twisted cider (BEST SELLER!)~
a most inviting blend of orchard apples, laced with allspice & nutmeg, a pinch of brown sugar & cloves and spiked with cinnamon brandy, all meticulously steeped in seasoned oak barrels. talk about being twisted! gender-neutral

witching hour (BEST SELLER!)~
the enchanter, conjuring up dark images that are only imaginable in the deepest corners of one's mind. a huge black cauldron set upon crackling warm woods, as brisk, but dry winds whisk smoky sandalwood across damp fallen leaves with a faint echo of charred marshmallow while entrancing heliotrope concludes the bewitching. gender-neutral


artisan apple (BEST SELLER!)~
freshly picked apples, dipped in handcrafted, salted caramel infused with four peppers to kick it up a notch and rolled in maple-glazed walnuts to take it over the top. 

big dill (2018)~
a tangy-sweet compilation of fruit punch soaked dill pickle, stuffed with a hard grape candy and deep fried in a sweet batter. 

churro (BEST SELLER!)~
a sweet,  pillowy confection stick of fried pastry, rolled in cinnamon and sprinkled with crunchy sugar crystals. 

cotton candy cocktail~
a sweetly-whipped concoction of fluffy spun sugar, floating in a puddle of sparkling champagne. 

kernel tipsy (2017)~
kettle corn generously infused with a pinot noir burgundy wine.

kettle corn (BEST SELLER!)~
crunchy popcorn drizzled with a syrupy glaze of brown sugar & molasses.

sugar bomb (2017)~
frooty loops cereal folded into marshmallow fluff, deep fried in a sweet dough, finished with a drizzle of white chocolate glaze.  


aromatic oil only

banana taffy~
banana, white rum, coconut powder & vanilla whipped cream

candy corn (BEST SELLER!)~
sweet & buttery notes of warm honey-almondy-vanillary.

cinder toffee (BEST SELLER!)~
caramel butter, maple-smoked walnuts, gourmet marshmallow, toasted hazelnuts & butterscotch taffy.

fire ball~
fiery capsaicin cinnamon bark, a spicy amber with wisps of smoldering firewood, smoked vanilla and a trace of sweet raspberry.

root beer barrels~
craft root beer,  just like the frosty drawn glasses at wichita brewing company & pizzeria. a spicy blend of vetyver, black pepper, camphor, lemongrass & mint. essential oil blend


crème de menthe cupcake~
vanilla cupcakes infused with dried mint leaves and topped with a creamy buttercream frosting infused with mint liqueur

peppermint latte (aromatic oil only)~
robust & minty. peppermint and coffee oils with rich & aphrodisiacal warm madagascar vanilla oil. gender-neutral 

rivendell (BEST SELLER!)~
wild strawberry, sugarcane, amber musk, cedar wood, patchouli.
"Rivendell is a place of peace and learning, not a stronghold of battle." and this is what I believe the beautifully androgynous woodland elves of the Last Homely House smelled of. gender-neutral

snow flurry (BEST SELLER!)~
warm spices, vanilla,  a drop of brazilian orange and a twist of italian lemon oil all cozily blanketed around blue cypress. gender-neutral. essential oil blend

subzero (BEST SELLER!)~
a clean,  woodsy and uplifting blending of lime zest, wintry-evergreen notes of grand fir needle, silver fir absolute, pine, olibanum, black spruce, cypress, atlas cedar and vetyver. gender-neutral. essential oil/fragrance blend


cake batter

purple passion~

violet candy, grape liqueur, sugar crystals

honey vanilla
pink lemonade coconut
sweet cream


cedar wood

clary sage






sweet orange

​wild orange