reminiscent of an era of days gone by. mystical and complex bouquet of black coconut, bitter almond, sassafras, benzoin, incense, sandalwood and patchouli. suitable for both men and women.​​​

fragrant nuances of italian bergamot, deep woods, tonka bean, patchouli, incense, amber and vanilla bourbon

honey, please!
a sophisticated fragrance blend of slivered almonds, rolled oats and golden honey.

indonesian autumn
sitting by‏ the fireplace on a lazy, autumn evening. shadows of falling leaves are swept across the ceiling as the sun begins to set, while dark flames pirouette from the wooden logs, leaving behind sparks of slumber. a memory of days past, when the leaves were beginning to fall, as my family all gathered around the fireplace after my husband had lit us a peaceful fire. so enchanting. a unisex scent with masculine notes of Indonesian teakwood, amber & patchouli. 

milk wasted
a creamy, velvety-smooth concoction of fresh milk accord,  speckled by crushed tonka bean, dipped in tantalum, churned with vanilla cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. mmmm…got milk!?

pear santal
a succulent pear nectar infused with sweet-tart carambola, rolled with mysore santalum, chypre, red oak, patchouli and green moss. not a sweet pear note, this pear is serious! a very light fragrance for those who like the lighter side of the woods. enjoyed by both men and women.

fragrance free  -no added fragrance

thai sweet chili

citrus, heat & spice, say everything twice! a citrus explosion of orange peel & bright satsuma sitting atop a fiery compilation of pink peppercorn, black pepper and cayenne melded together by precious woods.

tibetan black tea
exotic, hypnotic & erotic is one way to describe this unique blend of dark warmth. brazilian pepper, vietnamese champak, birch resin and tropical woods make up this perfect rendition of ceylon chai. pure. strong. black. tea. if you are a lover of black tea, this fragrance is for you. many of you have requested an authentic, strong, dark tea without any added notes. well, here you go!strong enough for men, suitably adorned by women…


divergent deviant that resists conformance. subsisting by an unorthodox paradigm. what is this entity that rises well above the norm you ask? it is an anomaly, characterized by ambrosial impressions of red saffron, green cardamom, fresh bergamot, spicy pink pepper and earthy incense. masculine enough for men, suitably adorned by women…


a herbaceous & rustic selection of fresh herbs comprised of rosemary, thyme, sage and basil, touched by lavender & garden earth, ripe tomato and speckled with black pepper.​

island grapefruit, exotic lime, mint sprigs and fleur de sel, all grounded by light & herbaceous fronds. like a grapefruit julep on a private island resort. 

ultra violet
a fragrant field of violets with whispering notes of white musk, kissed by white sandalwood. very beautiful and romantic all at once…

fresh mown grass, damp earth, parched sage, spicy black pepper, wild woods and bitter orange.

a very clean compilation of wind-blown cotton, elegant iris blooms, a citrus effleurage of lime & bergamot, balsamic amber, spring water, with a faint whisper of vanilla and musky green moss. 


chocolate city​
a seductive, aphrodisiacal blend of dark chocolate, cocoa absolute & pure cacao mass, grounded by balsam & darkened with vetyver and santalum. absolutely divine, and perfect for both men & women.

delicate petals from moroccan roses, vanilla santal, burnished amber and aromatic nutmeg all socially inebriated by the finest rose cordial. 

sloe whine
a hypnotic, soul-stirring nightcap blended with creme de cassis, coffee bean, buttered rum, black cherry wine and vanilla bourbon


fancy pants
hey fancy pants!  yes, you! struttin' around,  the talk of the town. fancier than all the rest, all decked out as the day's best. a ruby red, drizzled pear syrup, white santal sifts with a burnt sugar glaze.  oh, you're fancy,  huh!?

bright, fresh and very clean spa scent. fragrant notes of green bamboo, white grapefruit, lemongrass and sugarcane. this is kyoto.

kimberly rose
there's a new rose in town, and the name is kimberly rose. don’t get it twisted. not to be mistaken for your mama’s rose-scented eau de toilette floral water from back in the day. this is a rose like no other. an intermingled trio of fresh, hand-picked roses, set atop santalum, rained on by vanilla accord, sprinkled with cocoa bean, resinous amber, pale musk, and grounded with earthy green moss.

where my beaches at!?
sunshine, cotton bikinis, ocean air, fresh coconut powder, drift woods, island fruits, mediterranean fig, bergamot & white musk. what more could a beach want!?

a very clean compilation of wind-blown cotton, elegant iris blooms, a citrus effleurage of lime & bergamot, balsamic amber, spring water, with a faint whisper of vanilla and musky 


a sweet,  pillowy confection stick of fried pastry, rolled in cinnamon and sprinkled with crunchy sugar crystals. 

an exotic, complex blend of clary sage, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli & neroli, melded with woodsy, spicy notes of blondewood, clove, jasmine,  cedar and vanilla musk. essential oil & fragrance the beginning, i believed this to be a masculine scent, although it is one of my absolute favorites. It is bold, a bit woodsy, but in a feminine regard. Intoxicating even. women alone absolutely love it. suitable for both men and women.

crypt keeper
a boozy cider cocktail brewed with golden apricots & summer pears, infused with creme de cassis and cast aside in oak crypts to age to perfection. 

dark shadows
primal pomegranate, white patchouli, opopanax, olibanum, purple plum, aged oak, black currant, vanilla ambrosia and honey nectar

down the pumpkin path
pumpkin seeds from white pumpkins, infused with vanilla, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, in a potpourri of autumn florals, dried hay bales and cedar woods

an eclectic blend of soft woods, tobacco leaf, vanilla pod, smoked honey, saddle leather and oakmoss. this is a very light comforting fragrance, with barely audible floral notes and not an in-your-face woodsy type. 

fluffy pillows of gourmet marshmallows toasted over an open fire, poured over popcorn puffs smothered in rich butter, drizzled with creamy caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. ayumm!

olde cider inn
a warm mug of the most inviting blend of orchard apples, laced with allspice, nutmeg, vanilla pod and cloves, all meticulously steeped in brandied oak.

malevolent malachi
a spectral field of sun-dried corn husk & dried wild florals, surrounding an old bench constructed of parched oak,  dredged with the remnants of over-ripened apricot, rustic table herbs and radish leaf.

deep, dark, bold and intoxicating.  dark spices, citron fruit, soft florals, golden resins and blonde amber, wichita blue juniper, compounded with the dark forest and the deepest corners of your imagination...

a fragrant, spicy, pumpkin delight comprised of smashed pumpkin, winter squash medley, maple rum & creamy vanilla milk, sprinkled generously with a heady mixture of nutmeg, grated cinnamon sticks, spicy cardamom, cassia and caramelized sugar.

witching hour
the enchanter, conjuring up dark images that are only imaginable in the deepest corners of one's mind. a huge black cauldron set upon crackling warm woods, as brisk, but dry winds whisk smoky sandalwood across damp fallen leaves with a faint echo of charred marshmallow, while entrancing heliotrope concludes the bewitching.